Using custom fields in an order

Since version 3.3.0 it is possible to have custom fields per order. This way you may obtain more user information per ordered ticket. It is not required to turn this option on, but for some events you may want to obtain more. 

Currently Supported:

  • One XML for all events. 
  • Only text input per order.

Prepare to obtain data and setting it up.

First navigate to the nex folder and open the file below:

[website-root]/components/com_RD e-Tickets/models/forms/information.xml 

The file has a few basic XML nodes and this specific node is what we are using:


This means we will obtain the Full Name of every ordered ticket, so if somebody is ordering 5 tickets he has to fill out 5 Full Names. So the "name" tag in the As said in an earlier stadium we are only using text.) The description and label may be entered like you want. (make sure you are also entering this in the language file too or just name it like you want in your own language :)

The pdf_position tag is needed to show the data on the ticket. So the value for full_name will be printed in this case on position 20-30 (20 mm from the top and 30 mm from the left of your PDF file)

The pdf_fontsize is the fontsize that will be used in the ticket, this way you can have multiple fontsizes per variable item on your ticket. NOTE: Only digits are being accepted, when nothing is filled it will be 0 (and not shown)

The pdf_fontcolor is the color for your text. The format is like this so we can make it produce a properly RGB color from it. So make sure it is in the format as in our example. R-G-B (Example 0-0-0 will become black) 

 In the example below you may see how it looks in your website:

additional information screendump

How to turn this option on per Ticket?

The basics are very simple, you can turn this feature on and off per ticket in the backend. (Doesn't matter if this is a child ticket or a parent ticket. You can choose if you want to turn it on. 

  • Go to the ticket details in the backend. (Add/Edit Ticket)
  • Search for the dropdown box named: "Requires Additional Information" 
  • Set the dropdown box to Yes and save your ticket. 

Can I see and Change the settings in the backend?

Yes, it is possible to change the data in the backend by order details (Sold Tickets Overview --> Order Details). We had to renew this page as it was not possible to have it in. (Now fully Bootstrapped) You can find the information here:

order details v330

At the right side of the page you will find an accordion box with all information per ticket. When having turned on this option, an extra form is being shown where you may edit this information. It will be saved in the database and after changing it the component will recreate the ticket. You only have to resend it yourself at the left side of the page. 


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