Configure TargetPay Payments Plugin

 With the TargetPay plugin you can accept Sofort Banking, IDeal and Mr Cash (Belgie) at your RD e-Tickets website! Below we will describe how to set it up at your website. 


  • An account on TargetPay (Registration is Free - You only have to pay transaction fees)
  • Joomla 2.5.14 or later installed.
  • RD e-Tickets 2.5.5 or later installed in Joomla.

Installation of the Plugin:

You may install the plugin by the Joomla installer, but there is only but in this story to get it working properly. In the zip file you can find a file called: "preparse.php" this file needs to be placed in the root of your website. Why? The reason for placing the script there is that TargetPay will not accept all kind of parameters inside the return URL. We have created a return URL that holds all parameters in one parameter. The script will convert this back to the correct return URL (Your lient won't see this at all)

Obtain a LayoutCode at TargetPay:


You will find the layoutcode here. (We have painted it black in our screenshot)

Configure the Payment Plugin:

Navigate to Extentions -> Plugins ->RD-Media TargetPay
After you have navigated to this page, you will see the screen below:

You need to enter some information here

TargetPay Layout Code: 
You have received it from TargetPay and you can read above how to obtain one.

Short Description:
The description that will be shown as message to your customers at Sofort or the Bank Website.

Payment Currency:
Euro (only possebillity at this moment)

Test Mode:
Do you want to simulate a payment or is it real business? (more info is written below)

You have the abillity to turn off and turn on payment providers. In the screenshot above, you may choose to turn on IDEAL and/or Sofort Banking.  turned off Payment providers will not be shown in the payment screen of the checkout.

When you have filled everthing you may save the settings. You may read more about the Failed and Success messages in the Knowledgebase for RD e-Tickets.

Test Mode Information:

TargetPay has a pretty nice option for testing your payments, when turned off we will check the payment status at targetPay, in our arameters we do send the testmode on/off. If you have turned it on, TaretPay will allways set your ayment to paid. You will e redirected to a real bank and you only have to cancel the pament there. When you come back at your site it will simulate a ayment.

Variables email/page templates for TargetPay.

All of our plugins will be able to show specific payment/transaction information. This information can be shown directly to your client on the return to your website. Below you will find some variables that may be used in the configuration of the message center. (More information about plugin messages can be found in the RD e-Tickets ctegory)

%%TID%% Will be replaced with the Transaction ID#
%%OID%% Will be replaced with the RD e-Tickets ordercode.
%%AMOUNT%% Will be replaced with the paid amount.
%%DATE%% Will be replaced with the transaction date.
%%NAME%% Will be replaced with the customer name.
%%EMAIL%% Will be replaced with the email address of the customer.

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