RD e-Tickets 3.6.0

RD e-Tickets 3.6.0

Version 3.6.0
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2019-10-17
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Version 3.6.0

Release Date: 17/10/2019 - Released By: Robert Dam

New Added new Scanning App endopoint for our own native app which is being developed now.
Improved removal time which is now set to a unix time stamp which makes it easier to remove tickets
Bug Fixed the Pagination in the coupon section
Improved the search in the Transaction pages
New Added correct transaction id to the transaction page.
New Added new GeoCoding API for getting longitude and latitude information.
Improved some low security issues in the backend. (Update your site if possible)
New Added feature to automate coupons, turning them on and off.
Improved the counting of coupons, this was not secure enough.
Improved the sold tickets details, you're now able to reset scanning states.
New Added clientID to the database which will replace the userid's to make guest orders possible later on.

We have rebuild some backend pages in order to meet the joomla! standards and renewed all the search tools to the joomla! searchbar. This makes our code more clean and readable (also for us). We have also updated views to adapt the form instance from Joomla instead of the classic form coding which makes it easier for us to maintain and add new features. The updated views currently are:

1. Venues
2. Coupons
3. Clients
4. Categories
5. Countries

The sold overview has been refactored, when looking at the details of an order you're looking at a simple and clean overview. Downlaod. All these changes are made to meet the new RD eTickets 4 version. We cannot upgrade at once so we're porting code to version 3 in order to make the upgrade easier for you and us.

Version 3.5.7

Improved Captcha class, it will now check if there is a captcha enabled or not.
Bug Fixed Removed exit statement which can unexpectately the script in PRO versions.

Version 3.5.6

New Added Some extra variables to the message script.
New Added expirydate for future functionality
New Added Invoice creation button in order overview page
New Added company phone and fax to the default variables list
Bug Fixed Glitch in the ordering process with the counter.
Bug Fixed Invoicing VAT variables and the calculation
Bug Fixed Some small issues with the discount coupons not being applied
Bug Fixed Captcha support - Now using native Joomla! form
Bug Fixed Updating the ordertable and the remarks table with the new ordercode.
Bug Fixed Some files to make it compatible with Joomla JED rules again.
Bug Fixed Invoice screen - Correct amounts are being shown now.

Version 3.5.5

New Added Name to the message variables again
Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with displaying the wrong value from the DB.

Version 3.5.4

Bug Fixed Fixed an issue with the time format of the multi ticket.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with turning off slautation.
New Added Added invoice creation at the paid button (only when using the new invoice system)

Version 3.5.2

Bug Fixed Issues during registration which has turned on user activation.Fixing issues with ordering totals and removing them again.
Bug Fixed Added QR Code to the configuration of the component.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with removing orders from the cart.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with cart overview in the event view (always set to 1 instead of the total tickets)

Version 3.5.1

Bug Fixed Issues with removing orders from the cart in some server environemts.
Bug Fixed Issues with the myOrders page.

Version 3.5.0

Improved We have refactored the frontend controllers and models.
Improved We have namespaced all actions in the backend to be prepared for J4.
Bug Fixed Issues with the ordercode when having lots of tickets sold.
New Added A new way to make new type of confirmations and invoices. (Please read the FAQ)
Bug Fixed Many small issues.

Version 3.4.19

Improved Added fees to the cart page to show the fees which are calcualted for this order.

Version 3.4.18

Bug Fixed Removed a unused javascript file. (it was calling a removed mootools javascript.

Version 3.4.17

Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with the bugs we fixed yesterday. Forgotten to remove an alert..

Version 3.4.16

Bug Fixed Fixed small issue when being in cart with a discount of 0. Fields will be hidden then.
Bug Fixed Fixed small issue when removing tickets from the cart the inclorrect div gets updated.

Version 3.4.15

Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with a dropdown selector in the eventlist page
Bug Fixed Fixed small issue while loading the eventlist per event as selected in the menu manager.

Version 3.4.14

Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with the discounts on fixed discounts.
Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with the layouts
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with inserting the mails in the message center on some servers. (When experiencing this issue please contact us)

Version 3.4.13

Bug Fixed Refactored email checking in the profile/checkout saving controller.
Bug Fixed Issue with an error produced by PHP7 on some environments.
Improved Installer script which is now backing up the invoice logo and information xml before upgrade..

Version 3.4.12

Improved Backend sold tickets search (now searching on all columns in the client table)
Bug Fixed Issue with the white screen in some servers on the invoice screen.

Version 3.4.11

Improved Backend message view to new style & added message variables availabillity to the forms.
New Added Altbody to the mailer system to give your emails access to Hotmail & Gmail (no spam folders).
Bug Fixed Issue with redirect in the invoice overview when clicking the customer name.
Bug Fixed Issue with the message after updating the profile. Mesage has been removed if it went OK.
New Added The forgot password and password reset back again.
New Added Missing language strings to the language files.
New Added More seach functionality in the sold ticket overview. (one searchbox for all fields)
Bug Fixed Loading templates that are not published ang gave an error.

Version 3.4.10

Bug Fixed Issue with the reCaptcha fields in Joomla 3.5.0 and higher.

Version 3.4.9

Bug Fixed Issue with multiple tickets in one email, it was only sending the first one. Message classs changed.
Improved Event view so it is not cnflicting with javascripts anymore on different installations.

Version 3.4.8

New Added Copy button in the tickets overview to perform a quick copy of exsisting tickets.
Improved Improved & cleaned the PDF creator.
Improved Improved & cleaned the PDF Multi Ticket creator.
Improved Cleaned the PDF senderclass
Improved Improved the ticket resender script..
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with redeclaring classes in the PDF creator.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with redirect after removing transactions (Fatal Error).
Improved Order message with row number in the email. (formerly only seat number, now including the row number)

* Added exception in the build script, so the header for the multi ticket is not being uploaded anymore.

Version 3.4.7

Bug Fixed Fixed issue when publishing tickets, gave "Nothing selected message"
Bug Fixed Removed some notices which could throw messages.
Improved Script cleaning in frontend

Version 3.4.6

Bug Fixed Fixed issue when saving additional information in the backend which produces an error.
Bug Fixed Issue with the coupon identifier in the backend overview.
Bug Fixed Issue with (un)publising and removing tickets.

Version 3.4.5

Bug Fixed Fixed orderid check when PRO is turned on and want to reset seat state.
Improved The cleanup script to reset seats where is no relation with the orders table.

Version 3.4.4

Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the preview of the uploaded ticket in the backend.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the BCC function in the new message class.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with PHP Notices in the transaction view.
Improved Improved error reporting in the message class to be more clear.
New Added Message class giving back headers & body after sendig the message.
New Added Payment class which can give payment status back in true/false for quick checks
Improved Refactored the payment API class to new standards (strict standards)
Improved Added the firstname to the registration (user manager) Firstname & Lastname are stored now.
Improved Refactored invoice class partly. In upcoming version we will rebuild this.
Improved Exluded invoice image from the build script to prevent overwriting of logos

Version 3.4.3

Bug Fixed  Fixed issues with a form showing only 1's in the backend when the form was not properly filled.

Version 3.4.2

Bug Fixed  Fixed issue with an error produced when entering a coupon code.

Version 3.4.1

Bug Fixed  Fixed issue while users are trying to register with a known email address.
Removed Unused javascript in the checkout page. (toggles has been deprecated in this view)
Bug Fixed Fixed some warnings in the registration screen when 2nd attempt of registration is being loaded.
Bug Fixed Fixed small issue with a typo which was breaking the code..
Improved Made address, city and salutation optional during registration. (configuration settings)
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the payment state in the confiration email.

Version 3.4.0

Bug Fixed Fixed issues in the frontend with wrong calculations.
Improved Cleaned the backend code.
Improved Changed some layouts to be more Joomla style.
Improved Added ordering to categories backend pages. (Drag&Drop).
Improved All headers has been changed so they can change dynamically.
New Added Upgrader class to be more flexible during upgrades.
Removed Old unused files.
Improved Views and removed all inline CSS (be sure you have CSS overrides) Overrides are still loaded.
Bug Fixed Issues with the download ID and saving it.
Improved Code to strict standards where needed. 
Bug Fixed Counting child tickets and stopped removing all tickets at once
New Added Small change so unfinished orders are not removed anymore when it is assigned to a user.
New Added BIG SELECT query to the details order view for PRO users.
Bug Fixed  When resending tickets, it was only sending one ticket.

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