Email & Page Templates

One of the most important items of the component, all products, file and invoice items are using this part of the component. 

template manager

As you can see we have already locaked out the most important items in the list to prevent deleting them. Please do NOT remove the locked in your PHP MyAdmin as it will crash the component. Even changing the alias is not recommended as we're searching templates by the alias. We did it this way, so you can add templates if you like for custom made items in the component like plugins and so on. 

We have seperated the template system into 4 sections: "Email, Invoice, Page and Sub Templates", this way you can simply see what is used where. 

The alias for the template, the template system is based on the alias and all items are being searched by this alias.

E-mail Subject:
The subject is being used for emails, this is what the customers will see in the subject line of the email client.

Send BCC:
Als used for emails. Do you want to receive a BCC of the email?

The date when the item has been saved for the lat time.

Add / Edit Templates

When creating a new account all unlocked items can changed the way you like them. As you acn see in the right section of the page there are many variblaes that can be used in the email and template system. As soon as information is known, it can be used. EG: All emails based on user information have all user information from the Customer section available, all shop information from the configuration is available. 

edit page templates

Email Settings:

The Email subject can be set here and if you like you can override the Default Reply to Name, Address, From Name and Address which are taken from the configuration.  If you scroll down a bit you will see the WYSIWYG editor where the body of the template of the email/page/invoice can be entered. 

email templates 2

As you can see we have used the variable {header} and {footer} ,this can be set in an additional templates (sub template) as this is used pretty often and might change you don't want to edit all templates. So in this case you can edit one sub-template and all {headers} and {footers} are changes for all templates :)

Using conditional statements in the templates.

The template system is able to use conditional statements in what needs to be shown. Below we will list some example which can be used in the system, everything that is being loaded in the template can have conditional statements.

Example 1: (email or template)

{if:product!=Lifetime Bundle} PS: When you renew or upgrade your subscription, you will receive a 25% discount automatically!{/if}

Example 2: (invoice template)

invoice conditional statement

Example 3: (invoice item conditional statement)

invoice item conditional statement


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All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!