How To Register at RD-Media

We are getting the question often: "How can I register to your site?"

As we're only selling commercial components and adons, you need to proceed through a checkout first. This can be done very simple and doesn't take a lot of time. At the top menu you can see a menu item: "Buy our Products". By clicking on that link yoú'll come in an overview of our products.
Just click the profuct you need/want and hit the PayPal button.

After checking out at PayPal you will be redirected to our site by PayPal, an account is created and you will be logged in automatically.
You can download on the fly after a successfull return from PayPal.

The registration email will be sent to the email address used at the PayPal checkout.

Currently Available products for sale:

At the page you will see a few information blocks (See image below):

  • Blue Square: The Price for the product in Euro's
  • Purple Square: The Subscription Period
  • Red Square: The Checkout Button


Accepted Payments


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Take a free testdrive

Do you want to test our components before buying it? That is no problem for us, you can read here more information about our testsite and their logins. Taking a test drive won't cost a thing.

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