Removing the dropdown menu on the top of category.

We're going to create an override here to be sure this is still in the file when you have upgraded the component.

  • Open file: [website_root]/components/com_rdautos/category/tmpl/default.php
  • Go to line 43
  • Remove the code as you see below:


The dropdowns will not be visible anymore in the category overview when saving it.
But on the next update of RD-Autos it will be back again.. :-|
So let us now make a Joomla Template override for this file:

  • Go with FTP to your templates folder. [ [website_root/templates/yourtemplate/] ]
  • Add the folder " html " if it is not there.
  • Inside the html folder you need to create a folder named: com_rdautos
  • Inside the com_rdautos folder you need to create a folder named: category
  • Upload the file into that folder and it has been overwritten!

Read more information about template overrides.

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